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Consolidated Food Business Solutions

Bio-Vet (Private) Limited is a member of the Credence Group of Companies serving the industry for more than 35 years. The Credence Group comprises 9 independent enterprises active in 11 business sectors including Education, Financial Services, Telecommunication, Energy and Power, Social Sector, Event Management, Consultancy and Food Solutions. In addition, the Group holds a rich history of Corporate Social Responsibility through offering services that add value to society and developing benchmarks for best practices.
In 1978, Bio-Vet Private Limited was established in Karachi. The company’s initial scope of operations was limited to import and supply of poultry vaccines and feed ingredients in Pakistan. After developing a strong reputation in local market, Bio-Vet expanded its product range in 1982 by introducing N-FAC, an efficient growth promoter, in Pakistan. Over the years, Bio-Vet has made a number of strategic alliances with some of the globally renowned companies providing solutions for poultry, cattle and sheep production, processing and further foods industries. Thus, we proudly claim to cater all your needs by supplying expert solutions from Genetics to Food.

Chairman Message/Muhammad Anwar Dar
The Credence Group is a progressive and rapidly growing business conglomerate having a diversified portfolio. All Group Companies are the major players in the sectors in which they operate. The growth was only possible because of our utmost dedication for the future sustainability and the commitment of our employees and stakeholders. Achieving long term relationships with our customers through building trust by providing consistency in quality and exceeding their expectations is not only our pride but our hallmark.

Having a strong focus on responsible business conduct, Credence Group believes, the real business success is not just about accounting numbers but how these numbers are achieved and used. Part of the Group’s profits is ploughed back into meaningful welfare-driven initiatives that make a qualitative difference to the lives of marginalized people and society in general.

Bio-Vet (Pvt.) Ltd. has evolved as a consolidated solution provider for the food industry. With the support of our global partners, we can proudly claim to be at the forefront of technology and innovation within the ‘Genetics to Food’ industry in Pakistan.
Our journey from exclusive solution providers for the poultry industry to the expansive food industry has been solely driven by our aim to introduce and transfer international knowledge to the local industry. Over the last several years, our success can be attributed to close partnerships with our clients from conception of projects to their commissioning. Our business philosophy to offer only high quality products and services, customized according to client needs to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. At Bio-Vet, our team undergoes rigorous training to answer all your queries prior to sales and resolve all glitches post sale. Reinstating, we look forward to a long-term relationship with our existing and potential clients

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Products & Services

Food Business

Consolidated Food Business Solutions
  • Genetics & Hatchery

    SASSO is the world’s largest breeder of colored free range chickens

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  • Environment Control Farming & Management

    Val-co is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high quality systems

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  • Feed Machines & Ingredients

    With a vision to continually innovateItaly based La-Meccanica

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  • Primary Processing

    MEYN specializes in wall to wall solutions for superior performance

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  • Processing & Packaging

    GEA Food Solutions,headquartered in Germany, is the leading manufacturer.

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  • Innovative Recipes & Ingredients

    Newly Weds Foods is a global pioneer in manufacturing customized

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  • Confectionery & Ready Meals

    Ovoconcept offers worldwide efficient, innovative and unique solutions for egg producers.

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  • Refrigeration & Storage

    Bingshan Group,based in Dalian, is one of the largest manufacturer and contractor.

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  • Control & Systems

    At Bio-Vet,one of our core objectives is to maximize efficiency.

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  • Green Solutions

    Kohshin Engineer’s mission is to offer solutions for the protection of global environment.

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Why Choose Us

We offer Complete Services in Installation, Commissoining and After Sales.

Genetics & Hatchery
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

SASSO is the world’s largest breeder of colored free range chickens with a strong presence in all continents of the world. SASSO is proudly serving poultry breeders since 1978 with a vision to supply high quality poultry which is not only full of flavor but also cost effective for producers. SASSO offers a wide variety of slow, medium and fast growth poultry breeds and an exclusive option to design customized breed perfectly matching client needs.

The Viscon Group offers project management services for an array of segments including Product handling solutions, Automated Hatchery Management Systems etc. The company has independent expert teams for concept development, mechanical and electrical engineering solutions and software controls development. Customer services are provided in all corners of the world through a worldwide network of offices and distributors.


Environment Control Farming & Management
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

Val-co is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high quality systems and components for commercial poultry and egg production. Based on a 170 years of rich experience in the agriculture industry, Val-co engineers poultry solutions with special consideration to maximum production, quality and end user requirements. The company offers cutting edge solutions through an extensive global distribution network.

Solutions For:

Since 1975 Holland Heater (Netherlands) has specialized in the development and production of a complete assortment of hot air heaters and ventilators for horticulture and agriculture industry especially for poultry houses, sheep farms and greenhouses. Holland Heater defines its core business values as innovation, quality, flexibility, service and reliability.


Heaters: The Heater range includes following categories:

KÜÜL, based in USA is a renowned international supplier of effective and efficient evaporative cooling solutions. At KÜÜL, evaporative cooling pads are manufactured of fluted cellulose sheets that are glued together. This material is chemically impregnated with special compounds to prevent rot and ensure a long service life. Several independent testing experiments have proved that KÜÜL pads are superior to competitor products.


Feed Machines & Ingredients
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

With a vision to continually innovate, Italy based La–Meccanica is a pioneer in the design, manufacturing and installation of plants for animal feed production. When it comes to poultry feed mills, La–Meccanica manufactures it all; complete turnkey solutions to single machines for individual feed mill stages and spare parts. La – Meccanica understands the importance of automation and places great focus on continuous upgradation of technology for effective process control.


N.FAC-1000, a product of Bio-livestock international is an unidentified growth promoter that has historically delivered promising outcomes for the poultry industry. It is highly concentrated source of fermentation residues and used for better growth in layers, broilers, breeders, turkey and pigeon, duck, shrimp, prawn, salmon, yellow-tail, eel, milk fish, calves and cats. It has excellent palatability and outstanding dispersion in feed with superior uniformity in mixing. N.FAC-1000 effectiveness have been confirmed in trials for the factors of weight gain, efficient feed conversion ratio, stress reducing in chickens living in high density

Primary Processing
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

MEYN specializes in wall to wall solutions for superior performance poultry slaughter houses and related services. Due to flexible design and high customization ability, MEYN equipment can be operated on a stand-alone basis or it can be integrated, at the time of installation or later, into larger systems or into completely integrated factory management systems.

Products & Services

Meat Processing Systems (MPS) specializes in provision of complete solutions for primary processing of large animals. With over 80 years of experience, the company’s innovation and growth trajectory has been moving upwards making MPS a global leader in automated slaughter lines and meat processing systems. MPS is organized into six business units, working independently in respective business areas with sound market shares around the globe.

Products & Services

Processing & Packaging
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

GEA Food Solutions, headquartered in Germany, is the leading manufacturer of machines for the further processing of meat, poultry, fish, cheese and other food products. It specializes in customized solutions ranging from single machine and combinations to complete secondary processing and packaging solutions. GEA is known for its innovative and customized solutions designed in accordance with needs of a diverse client portfolio.

Solutions for:

VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH is a German manufacturer of machines and equipment for food industry over 60 years.With its extensive experience, the company has gained reputation in food sector both domestically and internationally.With a customer oriented approach VEMAG is committed to provide pre-sales and after sales services to clients. VEMAG’s equipment finds its application in cooked or fresh Sausage and Salami production, various portion goods, baked goods and many other food items.


POSS Design Limited is the worldwide leader in development of meat-bone separation solutions from over 36 years. Till now POSS has successfully installed over 760 machines in over 58 countries. POSS has deep roots in domestic market as well as strong presence in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. POSS mainly specializes in designing and manufacturing mechanical deboning solutions for Poultry Industry.

Innovative Recipes & Ingredients
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

Newly Weds Foods is a global pioneer in manufacturing customized food solutions comprising recipes, coatings and seasonings.The company is a premier supplier to many of the finest global food chains. Newly Weds Foods own 25 state of the art plants with 18 research and development laboratories specializing in extensive food safety and functional ingredients.


Since 1984, Tecnessenze has been producing a wide range of flavors for the food industry and animal feed industry. It caters to the needs of not only to savory food manufacturers but also to confectioners through flavor offerings for products such as sausages, salami, cakes, biscuits, creams, puddings, ice-creams and baked products.

AméricaPampa Company specializes in soy proteins which have significant applications in food industry. Their production process does not involve the use of chemical additives and use 100% natural products to keep the soybeans constituents and properties intact. They can be used in confectionary industry, fortification of beverages, dairy substitutes, cereal bars and food preparations. In meat emulsion it is used for the elaboration of batter mixes.

BK Guilini, Germany is renowned in food specialties ingredients and phosphates. It offers food additives and natural products for dairy, beverage, baked goods, meat, poultry, sea food, potato and cereal based foods. With BK Guilini additives help achieve enhanced stability, shelf life, texture and taste. Being a global entity, BK Guilini from its knowledge and experience offers customized solutions to customers based on their market needs and regulations.

Confectionery & Ready Meals
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

Based in Netherlands, the company boasts of high expert based penetration in the global market to processors associated with high quantity products. The confectioneries lines offered by Rademaker are engineered to integrate a wide array of products in one time for midsize to large industrial bakeries. Main Production lines are:

Ovoconcept offers worldwide efficient, innovative and unique solutions for egg producers, packing stations and egg processing plants: egg handling machines, egg processing equipment, dedicated washers and the most innovative, flexible and reliable egg robot range existing.

DCN are worldwide market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial food processing equipment for the convenience food industry. All equipment is manufactured in- house in the UK and meets our exceptionally high standards. We have over 60,000 sq. ft of manufacturing premises and a state-of-the-art test kitchen for product development and trials. We have manufactured some of the largest food processing plants around the world and are proud of our reputation for innovation, quality and understanding our customers’ needs.


Refrigeration & Storage
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

Bingshan Group, based in Dalian, is one of the largest manufacturer and contractor of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning facilities in China. Bingshan Engineering & Trading Co. specializes in industrial refrigeration solutions and has successfully set up more than 100 turn-key refrigeration projects in South-East Asia, Africa & America. With its rich experience in refrigeration industry, Bingshan offers complete solutions from installation to commissioning & maintenance.

Products & Services:

Control & Systems
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

At Bio-Vet, one of our core objectives is to maximize efficiency of processes for our clients in the food industry. To achieve this, the common pathway is intelligent data gathering and complete synchronization of all processes. We make this possible through state of the art software controls commonly referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.
Our custom designed ERP solutions offer practical oversight of resources employed, procurement, warehousing, grading, labeling and other applications that are the need of the hour for the food industry.


Process Management

Corporate Management

Integrated Mobility

Green Solutions
Consolidated Food Business Solutions

Kohshin Engineering’s mission is to offer solutions for the protection of global environment. Kohshin manufactures and supplies composting machines which can turn the animal waste into nutrient rich organic fertilizer. Kohshin is not only contributing towards a better environment but is also creating economic opportunities in the agricultural sector.

AQUA is a subsidiary of MPS Group specializing in manufacture and supply of Industrial Water Treatment Plants mainly in the red meat, poultry, fish and dairy industries in addition to other sectors such as rendering and textiles. The company prides on a diverse portfolio of satisfied clients scattered worldwide. The machines are designed according to industry specific pollutants using technology that specifically focuses on individual production processes. As a result, the water treatment systems are efficient, easy to use and characterized by low maintenance.

The MAVITEC Group, based in Netherlands, comprises three subsidiaries that deal in solutions for processing of animal by-products, processing of food co-products and construction material. MAVITEC’s core business is supplying the high quality recycling processes with additional expertise in building, coordination and delivery of individual components and complete turnkey projects.

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