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BIO-VET Private Limited is a member of the Credence Group. In 1980, BIO-VET was established with a scope of imports and supply of poultry vaccines and feed ingredients in Pakistan. After developing a strong reputation in local market, BIO-VET expanded its vision and mission through strategic alliance with multiple globally renowned companies that offer industrial solutions for poultry feeds, antibiotics, poultry processing and further foods processing and recipe development. Thus, BIO-VET proudly claims to cater all your needs by supplying expert solutions from GENETICS TO FOOD.

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Bio-Vet helps you out to acquire a free-knowledge-base necessary to start a food business. Our solutions overview guides give you the basic to advanced level information which is necessary for your successful business operations

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We have seasoned and strong ties in the food business industry. You can avail the basic free consultation by contacting our seasoned team.

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