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NEWLY WEDS FOODS is the world’s largest industrial food coatings company and was established in 1932. It owns and operates 28 factories around the globe and serves customers in over 70 countries. It has developed and manufactured breadcrumbs, seasonings, coating systems, and functional ingredient blends for use across the spectrum of the food industry.

Its operations in Asia are extensive with a presence in Thailand, Philippines, China, Australia, India and New Zealand. The company truly practices the “Globally Connected, Locally Engaged” mantra with its worldwide culinary network that includes a highly experienced team of professional chefs.

Through its global network, its skilled product innovation team is up to date on the latest food trends and innovations. They tap into the latest on trend tastes, flavors, textures and concepts to create a truly unique food experience.

NEWLYWEDS has technical centers and culinary resources in Sydney, Thailand, China, India and Philippines that are staffed by experienced and talented chefs, food technologists, and marketers

The company’s culinary team and food technologist have years of experience working with and understanding the needs of the consumers and bringing out the most on trend and appetizing products in the market. The food technologists and chefs work together with the customers thorough all stages from ideation and gold standard creation to final commercialization.

Innovation and customization are key drivers in NEWLYWEDS’ business but also understanding market trends and consumer behavior is equally important in delivering just the right product, at just the right time. The marketing department provides updated market information to enable company’s development team to be ahead of the curve and on trend.

With the mission of Inspiring new tastes in every bite, the company offers its products and services for the followings:

  • Breadcrumbs & Crackers
  • Batter & Breading Systems
  • Seasoning Systems
  • Food Safety & Functional Ingredients
  • Sauces


BK Giulini, from Germany, is an industry leader in providing ingredient systems that deliver texture and stability to food and beverage products. Guided by a thorough understanding of the unique needs of each customer and the challenges of the industry, they deliver tailored formulations that optimize the texture and sensory experience. They understand the global trends that inspire food and beverage product development. Their ingredients enable these innovations. In Pakistan, BK Guilini majorly deals in phosphates & blends among dairy, fish and meat industry. The details are as follows:



Agrumaria Reggina is the Italian company specialized in providing customized solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry. They are specialists in the world of beverages, develop tailor - made solutions for unique beverages and provide their partners with solutions to be leaders in their market. Agrumaria Reggina is certified:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Organic
  • GMP
  • Kosher

Agrumaria offers tailor made beverage solutions in the following range:

All - in - one Ingredients

All-in-one ingredients can be highly customized with the wide range of fruit: apricot, pineapple, orange, red orange, strawberry, red fruits, lime, lemon, lemon-lime, lemon-mint, mandarin, mango, apple, multifruit, passionfruit, peach, peach-mint, grapefruit, grapes, ACE, citrus fruits mix, customized mix of fruit. Under this category the solutions provided are:

Integrated Compound Applications

Soft Drinks | Fruit nectars | Drinkable yogurt and milk and other milky products

Emulsions Applications

Sodas | Soft Drinks | Drinkable yogurt and milk and other dairy products | Specialized applications for Food & Beverage

Juice Ingredients

Fruit juices, Nectars, Soft Drinks, Products for kitchen and Specialized applications for Food & Beverage

Flavour Ingredients

Ingredients to give unique sensations to your products. Under this catagory, the company offers: Essential Oils | Natural Flavours | Lemon Terpenes

Citrus Ingredients

Cells and Comminuted Citrus | Orange Cells | Comminuted Citrus






AmericaPampa specializes in Soy proteins and has significant applications in food industry. Soy proteins can be used as meat replacers in further food industry, in addition to other uses in the confectionary industry. They are also used for fortification of beverages, dairy substitutes, cereal bars and food preparations. In meat emulsion it is used for the elaboration of batter mixes. Their production process does not involve the use of chemical additives and use 100% natural products to keep the soybeans constituents and properties intact. The company offers industrial solutions for:










TSP 71

TSP 121



TSP 101

TSP 17



TSP 51

TSP 31





For over 40 years DCN has been at the heart of the food processing industry. We provide our customers with flexible, efficient and innovative solutions to meet the full range of food processing needs - from stand alone items to fully automated processing lines. As acknowledged market leaders, we are continually looking ahead, planning to meet the needs of the future through active research and development.

DCNorris has over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space with the very latest CNC and laser cutting machines. All their equipment is manufactured inhouse in the UK and meets exceptionally high standards. Please review the company and products literature:


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