Poultry Feed Additives

Aminorich Nutrients B.V. Netherlands was incorporated in 1987 and the start of Veterinary Business was in 1991. At present, the company is producing non-synthetic and synthetic formulations and combinations with 100% solubility in water. The company is one of the leading producers of Phytogenic feed additives as Phytogenic Methionine, Phytogenic Lysine, Phytogenic Choline with Biotin under the strict guidance of experts, AMINORICH produces Pharmaceutical products and supplements for poultry, cattle, horses, sheep and pigeons. In Pakistan, the company is offering the following products in poultry:


RBC Rich - Hematinic Syrup

Growth Stimulator - Blood booster, Hemoglobin Stimulator for better growth, production and immunity.


Aminomine Premix

Unique Combination of Multi Minerals that improves fertility, appetite, body weight and productivity.


Aminomint Liquid

Eucalyptus Oil Based Phytogenic Respiratory Tool which promotes mucus dilution, supports respiratory system in adverse climate condition, reduces risk of stress, inflammation and pain.

Microrich Plus Liquid

Advance dis-infectant & Biocide which reduces pathogen load and keeps water microbe free.


Aminotox Powder

Multiple Toxin Binder with the advantages of better feed intake, growth, better nutrient absorption and metabolism, good immune system and eliminates toxins.






Jordan Veterinary and Agriculture Medicinal Company was officially registered in 1994 in Jordan. The company is producing finished veterinary pharmaceutical products according to British, European and U.S. pharmacopoeia. In Pakistan, the company is representing the following Vitamin & Multivitamin products in poultry:



Aspivet-C (Water Soluble Powder)

In cases of stress, heat stroke, post vaccinal and acute bacterial and viral infections associated with high fever. It improves egg production, shell quality and fertility, also in cases of Gumboro.


Vit E+S

Contains Vit E which is necessary for growth, hormonal activity and also for muscles and nerves. It also protects Vit A from oxidation. Vit E enhances the action of Selenium, also Selenium deficiency leads to Vit Edeficiency.


Vit C 50%

In hot weather, VIT C 50%, combats anorexia and increases feed and water intake. It also assists in the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Vitamin K3 12.5%

VIT K3 is indicated in haemorrhagic diseases such as Gumboro, Coccidiosis, intestinal parasitic infestation, before debeaking and surgical operations. Also, in cases of Vit K3 deficiency.




States of want, activator of the growth and animal production, supplement of the diet.





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