Primary Processing

MEYN specializes in wall to wall solutions for superior performance poultry slaughter houses and related services. Due to flexible design and high customization ability, MEYN equipment can be operated on a stand-alone basis or it can be integrated, at the time of installation or later, into larger system or into completely integrated factory management systems. MEYN offers the following products and services:

  • Live Bird Handling
  • Slaughtering
  • Chilling
  • Weight Grading Line
  • Cut up
  • Deboning
  • Weighing and Measurement
  • Packaging & Dispatch
  • Planning & I.T.
  • Transfer & Conveyors
  • By-Product Handing











Four steps to effortless growth

Step 1: Identify your ideal location

  • Big enough for your final capacity (eg. 5.0 acres for 6,000 bph)
  • Close to farms
  • Close to your market
  • Adequate water supply and means for disposal of treated wastewater
  • Convenience of management control
  • Ideally, with approval from local pollution control authority

Step 2: Prepare a site master plan

  • The longterm comprehensive plan for your business
  • Should reflect your growth and expansion plans
  • Within these plans it should show your start-up capacity layout of 500/1,300 bph

Step 3: Easy and rapid construction

  • Walls: cam-lock PUR sandwich panels glued in position
  • Roof: truss type steel sheet roofing
  • Floor: dewatered granolithic with frost-heave protection

Step 4: Expand and upgrade

  • When you want to expand order the additional equipment
  • Already construct the building before receiving the equipment
  • Put in all utilities and services for the expanded capacity
  • Install the new equipment on receipt of shipment
  • Taking a 2-day shutdown of your LEAP plant we dismantle, relocate and integrate your existing equipment into expanded capacity


Think big, start small: start your business with minimum investment

A modular design:

  • Uses latest technology equipment (as in high speed lines)
  • Up to 5,000 bph no machines need to be discarded during expansion (above 5,000 only one or two need to be replaced)
  • Major cost savings right from the beginning




Dismantling and Relocation made easy

Galvanized T-tracks and bolted design ensure

  • Easy relocation
  • No risk for rust because there is no welding or cutting necessary
  • Significantly more cost-effective than stainless steel assemblies

Please click the below image to download the Meyn Leap Concept in Urdu

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